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breathalyzer AL3500

Alcoscan Coin Operated Breathalyzer

The AL3500 Coin Operated Breathalyzer offers establishment owners an alternative source of income and a way to reduce incidences of alcohol related accidents: the latest breathalyser for the food and beverage sector. It also comes with Audio Response System (ARS) for simple operation: the operational guide is conducted in a female voice in English. Calibration is not necessary, due to sensor being easily replaced; no mouthpieces to be left as consumables: air is blown in through a straw.
It is factory fitted with a universal coin acceptor. It comes with a free wall mount and extra sensor module for best value.
AL3500 is the best Breathalyzer for business opportunity

* Certificated CE.

Suitable for: Pubs, Restaurants, Clubs, Discos, Party halls, Hotels, Gas station, Casinos, Pharmacies, Red cross centers, Public parking and Business Opportunity.

No Recalibration needed:
simply plug in a new sensor and it will be as accurate as a brand new unit.

- High Quality Semiconductor Sensor
- No Recalibration: Pre-Calibrated Sensor Modules Available
- English instructions to guide user along after coin has been inserted
- It works with normal straw
- Visual and audable indications of the results
- Sensor Cleaning Mechanism activates during power-up
- LED Display to show breath alcohol concentration
- Counter of the tests
- Sensors last at least 500 samples before a replacement is needed*
*When used according to the guidelines set out in the manual.


Alco-3500 NEW

Breathalyzer AL3500



Breathalyzer AL3500 Used



Semiconductor Replaceable Sensor Module for AL3500.
Simply replace old sensor with new precalibrated sensor module for brand new accuracy.

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