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Business Opportunity

Vending Machine Business Opportunity for coin operated fixed type breathalyser

Vending Machine Business Opportunities for pub / club owners or people want to be their own boss.
Alco-service is seeking pub and club owners or people who want to become their own boss to start a business opportunity on our Vending Breathalyser Alco-3500. Either you want to become an agent to purchase your own Alco-3500 and resell it to clubs and pubs, or if you are business club and pub owners who want to do profit sharing by placing our vending breathalyser Alco-3500 on your club or pub, are most welcomed.

If this is something that you are seeking as well, email us at
. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

What is the liability risk of a coin / bill operated breathalyzer vending machine?

There is no liability for the following reasons:

  • There is a disclaimer on the machine.

  • Test results are not recorded in the machine.

  • In order for a breathalyzer test result to be valid in court, it would need to be given by a police officer or other government agent.

  • Having an AL3500 can lower insurance liability significantly.

Our alcohol coin operated breath testing / breathalyser vending machine, called Alco-3500 is an interactive, speaking marvel that educates and protects, both the unassuming general public, as well as the drinking driver.
Our alcohol breath tester / breathalyser is the latest in "state of the art" technology and your opportunities as a dealer, are truly unlimited.
This business is NOT sold as a franchise. Everything you make is 100% yours.

How much can you earn?

Unlimited money.
Literally, an easy 10 minute conversation with a local restaurant, bar/nightclub, resort or any establishment serving alcohol by the drink...could result in a lifetime of returns, benefiting the establishment, the patrons, your community and ultimately you.
Make money and save lives.
Finally, an offer that REALLY puts our money ... where our mouth is.


"If only I had a nickel for every Drunk Driver on the road, I'd be a Multi-Millionaire, today!"
Well, we can't give you a nickel for every drunk driver on the road...but you could earn a Euro or more from every potential drunk driver with an alcohol breath tester BEFORE they ever leave the bar.
Doesn't it make sense?
Patrons of these establishments can now test themselves with an alcohol breath tester (like a coin-operated breathalyser) BEFORE they ever get behind the wheel of a car, without all the nervousness of the flashing blue lights and police radio in the background!

The Benefits of a Breathalyser Coin Operated Vending Machine:

  • Reduces the number of impaired or intoxicated people on the highway or in the workplace.

  • Helps educate consumers to moderate and appropriately pace their drinking.

  • Provides a tactful, third-party way to refuse service without offense.

  • Sets the tone and shows that the establishment gives a damn about their customers.

  • Is a simple, discreet way to help people help themselves-nobody wants a DUI conviction or its consequences.

  • We have a very strong, socially-impacting corporate philosophy.

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