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We recommend you to re-calibrate your unit once a year if you own one of the following breath testers: ALCO-8000, ALCO-9000, ALCO-9000-Usb, ALCO-1100F, ALCO-9010-Medical, ALCO-ALP1-Medical with electrochemical. This will ensure the correct operation of your breath testing unit as well as higher accuracy.

ALCO-SERVICE offers a complete re-calibration service.

  • Our specialist technicians check the state of your breath tester in our laboratory.

  • We use specific instruments to correctly gauge the model sent.

  • We return your breath tester in less than one week.

How to calibrate your device with ALCO-SERVICE:

  • Send your breathalyzer with the calibration order form (please affix stamp) to the listed address. Please pack your device carefully, so that there can be no damage during transportation.

  • You will receive your calibrated breathalyzer within approximately one week.   

Why do we calibrate?

  • So that the breathalysers remain accurate, one must readjust the device on a regular basis = calibration.

  • The crucial factor is not, like often incorrectly supposed, how often the device is used. Time plays an important role: With devices that are frequently used, the “Zero” position can readjust itself. With devices that are not used on a regular basis, or devices that sit unused for a long period of time, the sensitivity decreases. Regardless of use, it is necessary to calibrate breathalysers within certain time intervals, i.e. allow for calibration.

Calibration by ALCO-SERVICE  

  • All breathalyzers that can be acquired from ALCO-SERVICE can also be calibrated by ALCO-SERVICE.

  • If the calibration label is missing, then the next due date for calibration would be within 1 year of purchase.

Calibration service Breathalyzers

Calibration Service

Professional Calibration Service for your Breathalyzer.
Please, specify model of your breathalyzer.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions
How often must be calibrated?
The calibration should be performed, usually about once a year or achievement of 1000 tests

Can avail of the service even if I did not buy the alcohol test by Alco-Service?
No, the service is for customers Alco-Service.

What happens if I don't calibrate my instrument?
With the passage of time and with use, accuracy of the instrument decreases: the results of the tests are no longer reliable.

How soon will I be refunded the breathalyzer?
Within 1 week of arrival at our facility.

I need to provide packaging for the breathalyzer?
Yes, the alcohol test must be properly packed and wrapped before being delivered to the carrier.
It must also be attached a copy of the invoice.

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